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Airlines Advertisements in the '70s

I was wandering through my dad's old cupboard one day , suddenly when I pulled out the drawer I found heaps and heaps of Times Magazine dated range from 1975 - 1977 , I flipped through the pages and I found lots and lots of advertisements , all from leading airlines. It is interesting to see how to leading airlines of the world nowadays , e.g. Thai Airways , Cathay Pacific , Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa. Advertised and it is interesting to see that many airlines at that time had around 30 international destinations , and non stop flights were really rare. I did not tear out the pages and I will NOT sell any of the advertisements featured in the gallery so please do not e-mail to bug me about it. However you can request for advertisements to be put in here , Thanks

 I will try adding other advertisements soon , please be patient. And if you would like to see the thumbnails of the advertisements? Too bad, make me some!!! ;)


Airlines Number of Advertisements
Cathay Pacific Airways ( CX ) 14
Lufthansa German Airlines (LH) 14
Thai Airways International (TG) 10

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